Call for Applications 

Researchers and Peer Reviewers: Government Defence Anti-Corruption Index, 

Transparency International (TI) is the world’s leading non-governmental, global, anti-corruption civil society organisation, with over 90 politically non-partisan chapters. TIs Defence and Security Programme works with governments, defence companies, multilateral organisations and civil society to prevent corruption in defence, and to build anti-corruption capacity and integrity in defence establishments across the world.  

The Government Defence Anti-Corruption Index (GI) is the first global analysis of corruption risks in defence establishments. Its two iterations published in 2013 and in 2015 generated a high degree of press and media attention, and have been used by governments to improve their anti-corruption practices in defence institutions. 

In the case of Latin America, it is the Chilean Chapter of Transparency International, Chile Transparente, which has taken over the coordination of the index project

Chile Transparente is looking for: 

  • Researchers to conduct country assessments of Argentina, Brasil, Chile, Colombia, Mexico, Venezuela.


  • Peer reviewers of these assessments.

The core of the index methodology consists of a lead country assessor scoring and providing detailed answers to 77 questions spanning a range of corruption risks relevant to the defence and security sector. The research requires the assessors to engage with primary sources. The assessor will also be required to write a short summary of the main findings based on the filled-in questionnaire as well as a summary of relevant political and social context.  

The country assessment requires a commitment of around 12 weeks to complete the research. The peer review process requires a commitment of around 4 weeks. Remuneration to be agreed on appointment, dependent upon experience.  


  • M.A. degree in political science, international relations, peace and security studies, or substantive relevant professional experience. 
  • Subject knowledge of the political system, actors and defence and security sectors of the country in question. 
  • Not affiliated to any government institutions for at least the last 2 years. 
  • Fluency in national language is preferred. 
  • Excellent command of written English, unless otherwise discussed.

Application Closing Date: 21th February 2019 (applications to be reviewed on a rolling basis) 

Job Start Date: March 2019 or early April 2019 (for country assessors) 

Duration: 12 weeks 

Applications will be reviewed on a rolling basis, so please apply as soon as possible. To apply, please send your CV, a cover letter, a writing sample, and a response to a question of your choice from the GI (please find the questions for the GI 2015 online, here) to .

Please state in the subject line of the email “[INSERT COUNTRY NAME]: Government Defence Anti-Corruption Index”.  

Within the email please indicate the country assessment and role you are applying for. 

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