Pascal Fabie, Group Director, Network, Chapters and Programmes, Transparency International. Stakeholder Speech. EITI Conference Sydney, Australia

Ladies and Gentlemen,

Transparency International, the global coalition against corruption with its 100 National Chapters which are already working with you in your country strongly welcomes the new EITI standards.

The new EITI requirements and recommendations promise better data that will hopefully be better able to turn transparency into effective accountability.

Transparency International’s work will support the EITI in many ways.
Where we can, Transparency International will make the EITI more relevant to people, helping people know how to use the information so that transparency works for them.
Transparency Internal will continue to help citizens get to the data that matters to them, encouraging them to understand budgets and projects in their community, to report problems, and to help local authorities respond.

Transparency International will continue to help governments, supporting their national anti-corruption commissions, and other integrity institutions, making these institutions more relevant and easy for citizens to use.

Transparency International will continue to press upon and help extractive companies and their contractors adopt and implement adapted anti-corruption systems and ensure that lack of knowledge or plain negligence of some managers and employees do not put their operations and shareholders at risk.
Transparency International will also help search through the data to identify corruption, ensuring that corruption cases in the extractive sector are increasingly detected, investigated, prosecuted and tried effectively.

Working with others, Transparency International shall strive to see that corrupt individuals impoverishing their countries and hiding their assets in foreign jurisdictions do not get away with that.

In cooperation with all, Transparency International will see that corrupt individuals and others predators in the extractive sector, are exposed and sanctioned, as they should.
In 2013 our Transparency International celebrates its twentieth anniversary.
Looking forward, we invite you all to join force in this second wave of transparency for the extractive sector and join us in the fight against corruption.

Thank You.